My Journey into Taiji

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This website and Blog is based around my search for the internal process that leads to the production of Refined Force that marks real Taiji ability.

If you have not experienced the refined force of a skilled Taiji practitioner, it is hard to understand or believe if you see people loosing their footing or flying away from a skilled and often older opponent.  Not all examples that you might come across will be genuine.  Not all practitioners of genuine ability will have the same depth of understanding or be able to access the same levels of refined force.  There are however, teachers of real depth and ability around and I am fortunate to have been able to learn from some of them.  In particular my teacher of the last 12 years, Wee Kee Jin.

The ability to produce Refined Force is the result of a process of internal development.  This is derived from the Daoist concept of Internal Cultivation.  It is internal because it is a development that you cannot see from the outside.  It is not an obvious process and it is not a process that can be rushed.  It will flower in its own time provided you nurture it.  I have been fortunate in being introduced to these concepts in my training, and have done my best to develop my understanding and abilities.  I hope to share my journey and ideas with you, in the hope that we can help each other along.

In doing this, I am trying where possible to model the mechanism for force production in everyday terms and by using real world physical and mechanical principles. This website is intended to help those students seeking to improve their understanding of the Wee Kee Jin, Huang Sheng Shyan (Grand Master Huang - GMH) approach to Taijiquan, based on my experiences as student and part time teacher. 

The thoughts on these pages, are my opinion only, and may represent great insight, refined method, or poor understanding.  Please bear with me while I try to work out which is which.  

I hope my analysis will be helpful to you.  If you wish to use any of the material on this website, you are free to do so, but please reference me as your source.  If possible then please share / like or leave a entry in the guestbook.  If have any (helpful) suggestions, questions or guidance then I would welcome your feedback.

Your fellow student,

Meraz Ahmed.

Certified Teacher of Taijiquan under Wee Kee Jin  2008


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UK Annual Taiji Camp  - 28th march->5th April 2015


Jin coming back from training hall at the Camp

My Teacher, Wee Kee Jin Issuing Refined Force